Research Projects

Questions we seek to answer through our research:

  • Can rehabilitation be improved through the use of robotics?
  • How can we improve the health and function of wheelchair-bound individuals?
  • How can we reduce the risks of developing co-morbidities in at-risk populations?
  • What are the best design strategies for enabling an amputee to precisely control a passive and/or active prosthesis?

Rehabilitation Engineering

  • Prosthetic design
  • Rehabilitation robotics
  • Wheelchair seating biomechanics
  • Wheelchair drive control

General Biomechanics

  • Normal and pathological biomechanics
  • Experimental analysis of human movement
  • Musculoskeletal modeling and simulation for activities of daily living
  • Experimental biomechanical testing (both in vivo and in vitro)

Sports Biomechanics